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Masonic Centre Lodge 37
West Greer Street
Civitans are everyday citizens who come together in communities around the world to socialize, learn and serve their neighbors. Civitan has grown to over 40,000 members in dozens of countries, including youth and college programs. On the international level, Civitan is devoted to improving the lives of children and adults with developmental disabilities. Civitan's flagship program is the UAB Civitan International Research Center, the first institution of its kind in the United States to be solely dedicated to research of developmental disabilities.

Claxton Fruitcake Sales

For over half a century, Civitans have been selling Claxton Fruitcake to fund various community service projects. Today, local Civitan Clubs work with area grocery retailers to bring Claxton fruitcake to the community and fund local service projects.

Fire / EMS

Building Committee members: Left to right Rev. Marshall Smith, Haskel Wilson, James Seawright,  Latimer, Joe Blackwell, Roy Hughes, Harvey Bannister, Leslie Ricketts, Fred Lollis, Harley Leverette, and J. C. Robinson.
Current members of the Dogwood Garden Club listen to Mayor Lollis Meyers as he speaks of the dedication of the past Dogwood Garden Club members being honored. The dedication ceremony of a memorial bench was held in the Watkins Center on Sunday, June 9.
On June 9, the Dogwood Garden Club of Honea Path held a formal ceremony dedicating a memorial bench in Dogwood Park to past members. Because of weather conditions, the ceremony was held inside the Watkins Center. Those remembered were Renee McCormick, Francis Drake, Ruelle Thompson, Emmaline Ashley, and Maude Moore. The opening prayer was led by the Rev. Mike Moody from the Honea Path First Baptist Church. Kathy Reamy, the new Garden Club President, welcomed the audience of about 40 friends and family.
Long-time member Shelby Kay spoke about each of the past members being honored. She talked about how you could tell a lot about the personality of someone by looking at their garden. Those with formal gardens are people who believe in order and like structure. Those with cottage gardens tend to be a bit on the wild side.

Mayor Lollis Meyers led the formal dedication and final prayer. He talked about how the park has changed from a wild thicket in the 40s when he was growing up to the beautiful park it is today.
Speaking of the past members, he said: “They loved this town. They wanted to people to realize this is a wonderful, loving town.”

After the ceremony, the audience enjoyed refreshments provided by the members and enjoyed looking through the old scrapbooks.