You can drop off aluminum cans beside the Fire Department on Shirley Avenue to assist with financial cost of treating burn victims. Anderson County collects approximately 2 thousand tons per year.
The Honea Path fire department was organized in 1916 under chief A.W. Stepp. Today the fire dept can boast of being one of the oldest service organizations in the town of Honea Path. Prior to the organization of the volunteer force, citizens in the town were protected from the menace of fire by volunteers summoned by the town fire bell and the old mill whistle at chiquola mill. After the town grew, it became evident that such protection was not adequate, therefor a t-model truck was bought and a home made hose cart was constructed. This improvement in equipment sparked the formation of the first regular volunteer fire department. In 1928, a new chevrolet truck was purchased, and another home made hose cart was constructed by taking by taking the hose bed from the T-model Ford and placing this bed on the new chevrolet truck. Shortly after this, a front mount pump was placed on the new truck, which enabled the fire dept for the first time to boost the water pressure coming from the fire hydrants. The old town bell was replaced by a new electric siren in the early 1930's, which gave the firemen an ultra modern alert system for those times. The year 1942 was really big in that for the first time, a commercially built fire pumper was delivered to the town. This new truck was equipped with a 250 gallon booster tank and a 500 gallon per minute pump. The fire dept used this truck on a first line basis until a new pumper built by the American LaFrance company was delivered in 1959. Another change that took place in the late forties was that F.A. Walker became chief of the fire dept. Chief Walker served in this position until 1969, at which time R.Ray cox was promoted from asst chief to chief. In 1973, the siren alarm system was replaced by a monitor alarm system in which each fireman had a radio monitor in his home and is activated by a base station at the fire station.

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